Aida Press Transfer “Autohand” Robots (Model # A8 – 120)

[3 Robots in Total and in Stock]

Aida A8 Robot AutoHand Robot Aida 2AutoHand Robot Aida

A-8 Robot Specifications
Model # A-8-120
Feed Stroke 1200mm
Lift Stroke 25-65mm
Main Motor 0.8kw
Air Pressure 5 kgf/cm2
Power Source 200 Volts, 50 Hz

Component Turnover Device – Specification
No 14040 – 3942
Model # MT – 3S
Clamp Stroke 72.5 + 72.5mm
Lift Stroke 40mm
Max Weight of Work 1.3 kgf
Dimensions of Object Work (L-to-R) x (F-to-B). 700 x 400 mm
Max Height of Object Work 40mm
Air Pressure 5 kgf/cm2
Power Source 100 Volts, 50 Hz

Including -

Unbrako T-Bolts, Nuts, Strongbacks in Various Sizes

Unbrako T Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Strongbacks Unbrako T Bolts, washers, strongbacks

Coil Handling Hook

Coil hook and stand 4.5 ton. Approx 800mm wide platform. plant #2175R

Coil Handling Hook - Materials Handling

Aida Aida Die Cushion NCY-4-1 (NEW)

Aida Die Cushion NCY-4-1 (NEW). Capacity 2.6 Ton Stroke length 60mm, pressure pad area LRxFB 335mmx205mm. Plant # 2453R

Aida Aida Die Cushion NCY-4-1

Aida Aida Die Cushion NCY-8-1 (NEW)

Aida Die Cushion NCY-8-1 (NEW) Capacity 6.3 Ton Stroke length 70mm, pressure pad area LRxFB 410mmx260mm. Plant # 2454R

Aida Die Cushion NCY-8-1

Trumpf Nibbler Punch Model # CN 63

Ref # 2079R. For more information please click here for spec sheet.

Trumpf Nibbler Punch

Forwell RC-800-1600 Quick Die Change Pre Rollers

RC Bolster Extensions Series – The bolster extention makes it easy to move the dues to an accessible area of the press for convenient die changing with a crane or forklift truck.

Model RC-800-1600.  Die travel 800mm. Max Load 1600 kg. Complete with brackets.

Forwell Quick Die Change RollersForwell 2

Wilkins and Mitchell Clutch Brake Transmission Assembly

Wilkins and Mitchell Clutch Brake Transmission Assembly (from 300 Ton 4 Point Press, can be used on other presses). Model 18 x 12 x 3 Plate Clutch Brake including the flywheel shaft, flywheel, rotary coupling, etc. Also available individual spare parts for model 18 x 12 and 14 x 9 clutch brakes, counter balance assemblies, press gib, press slide, press bolster seals, bearings etc for Wilkins and Mitchell Presses and other manufacturers.

Wilkins and Mitchell Clutch Brake Assembly

Kleen Pan Brake

Kleen (Kleen Fabricated Products) Manual Pan Brake – AS NEW. 6 foot, 14 fingers (65mm up to 190mm in size) to enable various size parts manufacturing. Plant # 2290R

Kleen / Fabricated Products Pan Brake Kleen / Fabricated Products Pan Brake 2

Aida Transfer Die (NEW)

Suit Aida Model NC2-160 Press or similar SEYI press. 4 stage transfer die to suit AIDA multi pacer AHIII or TCV Transfer.
Slots fo quick die change clamps for quick die changeover. Tooling inserts, could be removed to manufacture various products within tool capacity.

AIDA Transfer AIDA Transfer

Grinding Wheels – Norton and Noritake

A wide range of new Norton and Noritake grinding wheels.

Norton Grinding Wheel Norton Grinding Wheel 2

1 Noritake    740 x 304.8 x 50 MM    Blue. CXY 80 Grit. Grade L, Structure 7. Shape IDAS 72. Bond V104. 2600 RPM Max
3 Norton        740 x 304.8 x 50 MM    Light Grey. SG. 37/1. BW5621 – 0358 MOS. 1110 RMP
1 Norton        610 x 254 x 35 MM    Blue. SGB 80 / 2 – K8VS. MAX RPM 1033. P0064999, C657261
1 Norton        600 x 304.8 x 30 MM    Grey. BW 3621-0364 MAX RPM 1430. 19 A 80 / 1L8VH 474323
1 Norton        598 x 254 x 55 MM    Blue. SGB80/2-L8VS-BW5621-0385. T1N. 33M/S MAX 1055RPM. 66253152596. 000100858769
1 Norton        580 x 254 x 50 MM    Blue. SGB 120/1 1+ 8BV. BW5621 – 0347. 1649 RPM
1 Norton        580 x 250 x 55 MM    White. SGB 120/118 VH. 551552. BW 5621-0347 1470 RPM MAX
1 Norton        730 x 304.8 x 75 MM    Dark gray. Detail unknown.
14 Norton        600 x 304.8 x 28.6 MM    BLUE. 23A 80/2 M8 V127 BW 5621 – 0141. 1433 RPM MAX
1 Noritake    660 x 254 x 50 MM    Dark gray. 54M. V53. 2000 RPM MAX
1 Norton        660 x 254 x 50 MM    Light Gray. P0062248 GG07424. 57A54/1 MV 127. 1300 RPM MAX
1 Norton        750 x 85 x 304.8 MM    Blue/gray. P0062952. C611501. 19A80/2 LV127. 1146 RPM MAX

10 Norton        730 x 304.8 x 75 MM    Brown. 19A 80 K8VH 566824.  38/01 BW5621 – 0351 1150 RPM MAX. 45 M/S

Trennjaeger (Universal Cutting Machine)

15HP motor, foot operated, cutting arm mounted on steel plate, 415 volts. Plant # 2309R.

Trennjaeger Saw Trennjaeger Saw 2

Birlec Electric Furnace

Type PHW 18. No 4511. 10kW – 3 Phase – 415V – Max Temp from 0 to 1000 Cen.

Used For Tempering, Case Hardening, Annealing, Kiln Bricks, Vitreous Enamel or Porcelain Enamelling, Normalizing, Heat Treatment and Alloy Casting

External Dimensions of furnace – 900mm wide x 880mm high x 900mm deep. (dimensions do not include the stand)

Weight app: 1 ton.

Includes stand and Birlec Control Panel.

This unit would be great for a tool room, blacksmith knife maker, metal casting, jeweller, forger or similer trade/hobiest.



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